Game Informer November Cover Revealed: Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

GI: In 2010, High Moon Studios released War For Cybertron, finally giving Transformers fans a game worth getting excited about. Afterwards, the developer settled back and listened to what the fans wanted, going back to the drawing board to craft a new and improved follow-up.

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Megaton2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

AWESOME! War for Cybertron was amazing. When I had originally seen the name, I figured it was just more Michael Bay crap. I was thrilled to find out there wasn't a single human in the game or any trace of Bay's name. It's a legit Transformers game, and a really good one at that. Can't wait for the next one.

Prophet-Gamer2540d ago

Yea, Dark of the Moon disappointed, hopefully they can redeem it.

NewMonday2539d ago

As a big TF fanboy since the 80's, I loved War fo Cybertron, the Dark of the Moon game was bad compulsory movie cash in that wasted a whole year of our time and shouldn't have been made.... End rant.


Quagmire2539d ago

It was supposed to be could considering they made War for Cybertron, but it just goes to show that, like Arkham Asylum, you dont use source matrial from an adaptation, you use the ORIGINAL source material for your game.

Basically, Movie-games generally suck unless its custom made for video game purposes.

mafiahajeri2540d ago

Couldnt agree more I still play the MP and the SP was top notch the diaoluge was so hilarious!!!

Quagmire2539d ago

Holy shit you too? I found the dialogue/script and the voice acting to be the better than quite a few AAA titles this gen. I've only just finsihed the Decepticon part, need to get onto Autobots part soon, but the dialogue between Starscream and his two plane buddies, along with Megatron and Breakdown was pretty hilarious. It was the perfect mix of epic, angry, sarcasm and humor.

I hope they keep what made WfC great, whilst adding a bunch more stuff. To me this was the Arkham Asylum of 2010.

J86blum2540d ago

I am digging the MegaTron T-Rex nice nod to Beast Wars.

MasterD9192540d ago

Would enjoy a kick-ass Beast Wars game....Loved the gorilla Optimus and Cheetor.

mafiahajeri2539d ago

Dinobot and the rat dude were the coolest!

ThichQuangDuck2540d ago

To be honest if after fall of cyber tron they do beast wars I will be super excited. A beast wars game would be amazing

MasterD9192540d ago

I see just as much potential for an expansion of Beast Wars as the Cybertron games....

And every kid in the 90's watched Beast Wars....EVERY kid.

ps3alldayeveryday2540d ago

War for Cybertron was AWESOME! The movie based one I heard was not as good as WfC. I hope this one is as good as WFC.

OllieBoy2540d ago

Still gotta play War for Cybertron. Not into Transformers much, but it looks like a cool game.

topgun332540d ago

I think that is supposed to be Grimlock, one of the dinobots. I hope they put Rodimus, Ultra magnus, and Blaster in this game. But the version of Blaster should be the one from the comics because he stands out among all the transformers due to his yellow face.

StanSmith2540d ago

I agreed but i don't want Rodimus in it.

What can i say? I still can't forgive him for Prime getting killed! LOL

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