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Rage_S902547d ago

OMG, the sand O_O! the sand!!! it's so beautiful...

xtheownerzx2547d ago

I love videos where the guy playing is actually good at the game. Epic video!

Army_of_Darkness2547d ago

I was alitttle concerned about the graphics after playing the beta...

But now. DAMMMMN!! Looks amazing along with the gameplay! and I thought gears 3 was nice to look at!

TyrionL2547d ago

Gears 3 IS nice to look at, but I agree with your point. The textures in this looked a lot sharper.

Getowned2547d ago

NO I wont watch no spoliers! Nope nope not for this gamer.I don't even want to know what the levels look like outside of the UC3 beta.

MaxXAttaxX2547d ago

More improvements:

Anyway, I skimmed through this video and OMG it looks amazing in real-time :O

Strange_Evil2546d ago

Holy crap the game looks AMAZING!!! Dunno how, but this looks much better than UC2. I thought the jump wouldn't be this dramatic... Boy was I wrong... Great job ND.. Can't wait for it to launch.


Damn that sand. THE REAL RED SAHARA SAND! how smooth and how IT LIVES and Nathan intercats with it. Every move Nathan makes and the more he stays on the sand the more his footprints widen. The sand is flowing under his feet in all directions when he stays too long.Tehehhhh. Without mentioning that sand dunes can interact with winds and even bury dead bodies and weapons.

buddymagoo2546d ago

How is this possible? It looks so good!

inveni02546d ago

This just goes to show you that multiplayer graphics take a hit in the fidelity department (which gives me hope for BF3).

I can't wait for this game, though. I want this more than anything in the world right now.

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Kain812547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

For comparsions sake old build VS new build

evilunklebud2547d ago

Yeah, I hope this is as great as UC2 was.

jdfoster2546d ago

Wait until you see this.... (longer,fuller, graphically improved gameplay of original) Play in highest resolution and watch it all! Prepare to be AMAZED! Looks freaking amazingggg

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CaptainMarvelQ82547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

This game is no match for unearthed trail of ibn battuta

Ultr2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

NOT GOIN TO WATCH xD nooo I resist!!!

edit: ok I could NOT resist!! WOW JUST WOW looks so damn beautiful...the animations...unmatched!

FAGOL2547d ago

Lol i'm trying hard not to watch it aswell.

FlashBack2547d ago

I'm not even playing the Desert Village MP map xD