Uncharted Vita close to 4GB; Sony emphasizes on the importance of physical media

GB : Sony has definitely learned their lessons after the PSP Go, there seems to be an unique confidence in the company now, and they seem to be taking the right decisions with their new handheld, Playstation Vita. It's a tricky situation for Sony with Monster Hunter going to the 3DS, and they now need a killer application for the Vita, so that it is successful in Japan.

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fluffydelusions2508d ago

I love seeing companies learn from their mistakes. Good job Sony.

Fishy Fingers2508d ago

Yep. Although it was a mistake they should of never really made. Didnt take a genius to see the PSPgo was destined to fail.

WhiteLightning2508d ago

It's called experimenting....they tried it, it failed, they admited it was a silly idea and they learnt from there mistakes.

In the end it only makes them more wiser.

With them learning from their mistakes and showing this with the PSV, I can't wait for the PS4.

Fishy Fingers2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Yes they do, but pretty much general consensus at the time was the PSPgo was not going to be successful, and low and behold it wasnt.

Dont really see how it can be argued with. You cant celebrate them from learning from their mistakes, without first noting their failing.

Mistakes are called mistakes for a reason.

Edit: reply was meant for gumchewinasskikr

@ WhiteLightning, experiments are one thing, basically R&D would of shown it's short comings. You dont throw investment and money on such a scale at something you consider experimental.

Did he just question Sony? On N4G? Disagree!!!!!! lol

dark-hollow2508d ago

"but pretty much general consensus at the time was the PSPgo was not going to be successful"

the same could be said about the ps 1 and now look what happend!

you wouldnt know if you didnt try.

Fishy Fingers2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Completely different. The PS was new ground, a bold entry into a emerging market for Sony. The PSPgo was a dated piece of hardware, stripped of certain features, put in a fancy wrapper and sold at a price even a die-hard Sony fanboy wouldnt deem fitting. In a market they already had a large share in.

It was a poor move. Simple as that. It's ok to admit a Sony short coming without having to try and spin it into something beneficial.

smashcrashbash2507d ago

Its called a business. You take risks and see how they turn out. Everyone who makes something doesn't automatically know its going to fail or else no one would ever fail at anything. They can make calculated guesses but no one can predict a product's failure or succees perfectly. By that logic Sony's PS1 against Sega and Nintendo should have been a miserable failure. But it wasn't. You have to try things and experiment or you will be stuck in place forever

Army_of_Darkness2507d ago

We all know Sony was never gonna go fully on digital downloads to begin with. Especially with the Vita(Limited memory) and PS4(already has blu-ray established, so why stop now?!))!

Fishy Fingers2507d ago

Think I've covered my opinions on said matter, but I'd do wonder, would you all be quite so forgiving (heaping of priase) on the manufacturer if this article concerned say, the Zune? Probably not.

DaTruth2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

It's a mistake I'm glad they made! I only had 2 UMD games and many PSOne classics at the time! That giant brick in my pocket made people ask if I was really glad to see them!

Seeing as how the digital PSP will still get support, I don't need anyone else to buy one, I just needed mine to be made So I could replace that huge brick!

SoapShoes2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Uh the PSPGo was made due to fan feedback. -_- People were b**ching about the UMD and said they wanted to just get Digital Downloads instead. Then when the Go came out everyone started b**ching about lack of UMD. Everyone who complained about anything is an idiot.

xtreampro2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

FishyFingers there's no point in arguing with a bunch of brick walls, these people are too loyal to admit the mistakes Sony made (even though Sony themselves admitted it lol)

Sony's R&D and marketing team must have been smoking something really good to have invested all that money in a so called "experiment".

It should go down in history as the biggest experiment in all of mankind's life on earth lol.

sikbeta2507d ago

What killed the GO was its price and no UMD compatibility, $250 for a PSP with a tinier screen and with no UMD drive, leaving all the huge line-up out there useless, they should have had all games for DD in the Store if they wanted the GO to succeed, now they have learned the lesson and we'll have the option to go retail or DD for Vita, in my case I'll go for both, Golden Abyss in a cartridge for me :D

Tarantino_Life2507d ago

@FishyFingers oh please stop with the Zune stuff and stick to the point. Not the old N4G is run buy Sony fanboys alone and there is a conspiracy behind disagreeing with your opinion because they are sony fanboys. Maybe ppl just dont agree with your assesment.

fullmetal2972507d ago

Experimenting at the expense of their consumer. They learned from this mistake and they most likely won't do it again, but I'm sure there are PSP GO Owners who are regretting their purchase and wants their money back.

maniacmayhem2507d ago


Hmmmmm, i wonder if these same guys who forgave sony would also forgive the 3DS and the whole second analog debacle.

colonel1792507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The PSP GO failed because you can't offer an only-downloadable platform and NOT driver EVERY game as downloadable. Sony says the world isn't ready for it, but what it is is that they missed the big opportunity.

Letting developers choose to put their games on the PSN,and leaving PSP Go owners in the dark with the games not available on PSN, was their biggest mistake. The best example was Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

BISHOP-BRASIL2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

It's easy to disregard the fact that at the time before PSP Go was released there were a big demand of people for a UMD-less and smaller PSP. They simlpy attended this demand.

It doesn't took a rocket scientist to see PSP Go chances of selling well were slim with the pricing and library being major concerns, but what can you really do when the conditions are not ideal?

People forget that it's publishers, not Sony, that decide which, when and at what cost games will be available. If Sony were to try to force publishers in this they would of had stressed their relationship, as well as with retailers. Their only chance here was hope the hardware would of had sold better and this user base would get more attention from publishers.

The hardware itself should had been cheaper considering it lacks the UMD driver, I completely agree, but a "dated piece"? It wasn't ever supposed to be PSP2. And even the price is understandable, it was their first venture into DD only platform, no one knew how profitable (if at all) this would be, I belive stockholders would simply not allow PSP Go to happen if they didn't took certain investimen precautions. I'm sure that the PSP Go would be alot cheaper today if it was successful and was moving a lot of money over PS Store, but that never happened. So it were either launch it high priced with a plan to cut prices in the future or never release at all.

In the end of the day, it was a question of either attending the demand or quitting. They choosed to attend it as well as they could and I applaud them for that, for taking the risk, not because Sony can't make mistakes. We all complain when a company goes the metoo route, or when they ignore the costumers, but passing this barriers didn't ever come withour risks. As you said yourself, they already did have a big share of the market, why not attend costumers that still want more? Ignore the few attend the many? Next thing you'll say it were dumb of Sony to not go the casual route focusing in Move all the time.

I hardly see it as a mistake from Sony, just a not successful product aimed at a section of the market (which by the way is still there). They obviously researched the market before releasing, but sometimes a poll will only take you that far, they knew they couldn't meet all of costumers desires, but PSP wasn't going to be relevant forever. After all the years PSP have been out the demand for the smaller and UMD-less handheld was still around. The platform was at the top of it's economic healthy. Vita was in final development stages and would soon replace PSP as main platform. If there was ever a time to make a practical "experiment" over a theoretical one, that was it. Results of experiment: it failed. Move on to the next...

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gumchewinasskikr2508d ago

Fishy Fingers

Every companies makes mistakes. MS, Sony, Apple, HP, and the rest of them. It is how companies and people get better.

Persistantthug2507d ago

Sony has officially abandoned the idea.


Scary692507d ago

I wish it was being released here in the states this year.

Maddens Raiders2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

me to give up my physical media and go download only. No way. btw -I plan on supporting this "cause" forever.=)

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SheenuTheLegend2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

gr8 thats why u r called sony
u learn from ur mistakes n come better than never before
i m with you

Objective2507d ago

Lol! That sounds like something to say to someone you are trying to woo... "I'm with you, you will learn from your mistakes, you are Sony...I love you!"

cliffbo2508d ago

i do hope people realise that the PSP was brought out simply to test whether download only was a viable route? they never made a mistake, they just tested the water. having said that, i wonder how Apple manage to get by

Szarky2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

With Apple I don't mind spending a buck or two here and there, with Sony I wouldn't want to have spent $30,40 a pop and have no re-sale value.

f7897902507d ago

Because what you are buying is completely different. If I buy a $60 game I want to own it physically! That way I can sell it if I get tired of it.

For cheap <$5 games whether on apple's app store or psn minis, I could care less about owning it physically. Just give it to me digitally and quickly.

UltraVegito2508d ago

The PSP GO was a Epic learned from that failure and thus born a Epic win called "Vita".
Great to see sony going the right path.

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