Fangwheel: Rotastic Review (XBLA)

Charles from Fangwheel writes:
"Have you ever woken up one morning wishing you could tie a rope to a Viking and whirl him around an obstacle course full of gems and traps at breakneck velocities? Well if you have, my friends, then Dancing Dots and Focus Home Interactive’s Rotastic may just be your kind of game. Gameplay is set over seven regional maps, each one styled in a cartoonish fantasy setting for a touch of flavor and containing between nine and ten different levels per region. There’s no real story per se to the game other than the idea that maybe this was the Rotastic worlds first take on our modern extreme sports, and you’re here to take home all the crystal helmets; however once you start playing, you realize that there’s really no need. I was so busy flinging my character off the walls, that admiring the scenery was mostly an afterthought."

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