Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Release Date Is Stupid

GameFront, "When the folks at EA and BioWare were trying to come up with a release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic, they probably settled on 12/20 for one reason: because people will be off work for the holidays and will theoretically have time to play."

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Sarcasmology2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Or it could be because of licensing of the SW name from LucasArts. Keep in mind SWG from SOE closes on the 17th of December or something.

Kostchtchie2473d ago

i never new that it closed on 17+ if thats true thats pretty smart marketing right there especially if SWG fans have been follwing the swtor game, BW/EA could get huge influx of gamers from SWG and all the other fans that have been following it from diffrent mmos

as for date being 22 here in europe, if my game is not here on that day, i looks like i will be running of down to the shops to get it.. i can always take back the unopend version, i will be working right through xmas so i will just need put in what time i can

Tony P2473d ago

Seems like a gamble, for sure.

Bay2473d ago

I have a month long winter break from college when SWTOR comes out....smooth move, in my mind.