Five things you didn't know about Spider-Man: Edge of Time

It's a big month for superhero video games, between the upcoming launch of Batman: Arkham City, last week's debut of X-Men Destiny, and the return of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The wall crawler stars in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, a follow-up to 2010's Shattered Dimensions, that pairs two web slingers from different timelines together to battle an evil scientist trying to kill Peter Parker.

But just in case you knew those details, here are a few more tidbits you may not know courtesy of creative director Gerard Lehiany and executive producer Brant Nicholas from studio Beenox.

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Quagmire2540d ago

6: its a step down from the promising Shattered Dimensions title.

morkendo232540d ago

nah!!! who cares!!! spiderman now days