Steve Jobs Helped Save Nintendo

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Apple's former CEO and visionary, Steve Jobs, leaves behind an unmatched legacy that forever changed the world. His numerous achievements, including the iPod, iPhone and iPad not only catapulted the company into superstardom, but also influenced numerous hardware and software manufacturers, including Motorola and Samsung.

Jobs' artistic genius may have even rescued Nintendo, albeit indirectly.

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WhiteLightning2393d ago

Just like Enrique Iglesias <Wipes tear from eye>

_DarkCharizard_2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Nintendo saved Nintendo. The blue ocean strategy is completely original to the company and Apple has absolutely nothing to do with it. One of the main factors was the stepping down of longtime president Yamauchi and Iwata becoming the new CEO.

The Nintendo DS was successful not because of its ipod like design, but because it was the worlds first mass market touch screen/dual screen device and accompanied with a strong software lineup, making it a worthy successor to the HUGELY SUCCESSFUL GameBoy line of handhelds. And please not that Nintendo has always been king of handheld market so NO WAY did that area need to be "saved".

"Wii. Attractive. User friendly. So Apple like."

LOL. Simplicity and user-friendliness have always been one of the many core principles of Nintendo. But that's not why the Wii was successful anyway... it was all about the cool new tech, the innovative motion controlled games like Wii Sports and the avenues that were opened for video game design. No other device could offer anything like the Wii at that time.

The author is seriously misinformed and makes bold yet proof-less claims. Jobs was a visionary, a modern day hero and a great man........ but he's not the genius responsible for Nintendo's success.

iamnsuperman2393d ago

@nyanyan I agree. The author (I assume Buff1044 as he disagreed with me with me on techspy) is trying to related to unrelated things to be in the news. I am surprised more haven't come up. The same happened to Michael Jackson.

Shadow Flare2392d ago

Uh nyan, the claim isn't ridiculous and apple absolutely was an inspiration for nintendo

Segment from an Iwata interview:

Elsewhere in the interview, Iwata professes his adoration for Apple. Not surprising since both the DS Lite and the Wii reek of Apple design inspiration. Hit the jump for that quote.

"I've liked Apple products for many years... Common features between both companies are: "Wring the in-stock goods", "Produce simple products" and "Suggest a new and surprising lifestyle." I think Apple as an electronics company and Nintendo as a game company should pursue that..."

The Wii console looks like an apple device. The Wii home menu is very apple like. And I dare say the WiiU had some inspiration from the iPad.

It's not that difficult to see that nintendo took some notes from apple. And after N64 and Gamecube tanking to the PS1 and PS2, it's not a far stretch to say the "new and surprising lifestyle" approach as Iwata said saved nintendos home console market

adorie2392d ago

it looks to me that Chris Buffa is an Apple fanboy. to say Jobs saved Nintendo is stupid. didn't Nintendo come out with the DS before the iphone? the DS had touch screen with traditional controls for an expanded way to play your games. Take Castlevania for instance, you could break blocks using the stylus and continue on your way using the d-pad and buttons.

Apple comes out with the iphone and everyone thinks Apple created touch. what i can admit is that because of Apple we saw most if not all hardware manufacturers who do mobile devices and now tabs, doing the touch thing.

Apple for sure helped push tech forward, the world over, but to say they helped Nintendo? Maybe, maybe not.
all I do know is that Nintendo pretty much rearranged itself and helped itself. this seems like a stealth troll piece, imo. sure Mr. Jobs has passed on, and now everyone wants to feel solemn for some reason.

leave that to his family, in my opinion and keep living.

tiffac0082392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Not only that but Apple rejected the Kinect technology while Nintendo was the first one to implement a device that features full motion controls with the Wii.

I mean Steve Jobs influenced a lot of things with his innovation and his ideas, I will give him that but saying he saved Nintendo? That's just absurd.

Being influenced by something does not equate to saving it. Nintendo saved themselves and that's a fact.

TruthbeTold2392d ago

He's just anti Nintendo and pro (another company) look at his submission history for the last month. It's full of crap like this that somehow would try and take something from Nintendo or proclaim them as a lost cause. Quite annoying actually.

cl19832392d ago

As far as apple created the tablet, I have to disagree. Toshiba created the tablet pc, back in 2005/2006, and this laptop/tablet is what created the demand.

MWH2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

FYI: he was from Syrian origins, his Father was a Muslim Syrian.. a friendly advice, get the facts first before you hurt yourself.

Nicaragua2393d ago

Ok, there is touching tributes and there is total bullshit and this is the latter.

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disturbing_flame2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

And who's gonna save Apple now ?


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