Arkham City dev: a Superman, Captain Marvel or Green Lantern game would be "fun"

OXM UK: Man of Steel's true character "hasn't been explored yet", opines Rocksteady writer.

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jony_dols2356d ago

Keep dreaming Rocksteady, Titus Software already made the perfect Superman game.

Superman 64 rocks the socks off Batman Arkham City.

dirigiblebill2356d ago

Yep. Between that and X-men: Destiny, Batman doesn't have a chance.

princejb1342356d ago

i think rocksteady should be the developers of every superhero game
every superhero game sega gets its hands on ends up a disaster

felonycarclub2356d ago

havent even played arkham city and youre saying is better than superman 64 that game was a disaster lol

pixelsword2356d ago

Superman games seem to be cursed... cursed, I say!

cyborg69712356d ago

Yeah keep dreaming yourself jony.

HeavenlySnipes2356d ago

people need to fix their sarcasm meters

RockmanII72356d ago

lol wow, it's a joke people calm down. Seeing as Superman 64 is regarded as one of the worst video games ever, I doubt he's being serious.

despair2356d ago

bah Aquaman on gamecube blows all those games out the water*pun intended.

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WhiteLightning2356d ago

No No No.....

Come on Rocksteady give us a decent Spiderman game

Dart892356d ago

Why not just give them all the superheroes game's i'm sure we wouldn't be disappointed.

morganfell2356d ago

From marvel my vote is in for a good violent and dark Punisher title or even a well done Blade or Daredevil game.

From DC I would like to see someone do a Wonder Woman game where she doesn't look like a bony supermodel. The version that appeared in the DC Universe online was spot on.

But above all of those I would really like to see someone do a proper third person game with RPG mechanics based on the Martin Caiden book Cyborg.

The world knows the main character under another name:

There are so many possibilities for a gritty dark game in that world.

nealane2356d ago

morganfell i like the idea of gritty punisher game good idea the last good punisher game i played was on the ps2 anyone remember that one?

iXenon2356d ago

Has anyone else seen the gliding gameplay for Arkham City? All I could think was "ok, they can DEFINITELY do Superman right..."

pixelsword2356d ago

The only good superman game would be when he dies, because there's no realistic struggle in any other area in his existence.

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The story is too old to be commented.