180° Podcast 73- Battlefield of War 2.5

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: The ParaNerds speak about Stardash, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Resident Evil 2 and Borderlands along with News (see below)and New Releases. They also go over the Top Ten 2.5D Games and review Gears of War 3. Rooster and Kevin also speak about Battlefield 3 BETA and compare the PC version to the Xbox 360 version along with answering some fan mail.

Men in Trouble
Binding of Isaac 10% off
PS3 Firmware update discussed
Mortol Kombat Klassic Stick
Nintendo 3DS Slider?
Isaac Clark in NBA JAM
Hardlines now available on the Android
Sony Shares PS2 Details
PS2 Classics Require “Special Development”
New Mortal Kombat Movie/Game
RIP Steve Jobs

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