Max Payne 3 “embodies noir” – Rockstar

Despite some negative fan reaction towards Max’s journey from dismal New York to bright Sao Paulo, Rockstar believe Max Payne 3 still “embodies noir”.

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adorie2452d ago

really? because i thought noir was something that was born in Los Angeles or is relevant in a place like New York.

i've played both max payne games and beaten them and they give a nice pace that is relative to an old crime mystery from the 40's or 50's. not too fast and not too slow.
the game is just right, it's narrative tone is also something that MP3 will have to live up to. cause while not playing the game, the graphic novel narrative was very entertaining and was always a nice break between the next area you had to proceed to.

Rockstar is supposedly getting Remedy's blessing on certain things, or rather Remedy is acting as consultant, so im hoping for the best here.

WhiteLightning2452d ago

As I've said before

If it really had Noire in the game they would of done everything to point that out in the very first trailer of MP3 if they were telling the truth.

I didn't see or feel any Noire in the trailer

If your trying to reassure people, that's what they would of's what anyone would do.