NGB: Dark Souls Review

Dark Souls is an incredible feat; a bold and undiluted take on a genre so often watered down, that does everything it sets out to without stumbling at any point. All at once it manages to be dark, demanding, vast and open, and nigh-on peerlessly too. Whilst the two bear any number of similarities, it’s a more than worthy successor to Demon’s Souls, and in the creation a new world with new challenges to be bested, there is no reason for fans not to come back. New players are advised to check their intentions at the door; it’s certainly not a game for everyone, but for anyone who’s interest is even vaguely piqued, it’s hard not to offer the strongest possible recommendation to put yourself at Dark Souls’ mercy, and be sucked in by its immersive and wondrous charm.

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TopDudeMan2507d ago

Most games don't deserve scores like this, but I would say this one does. I'd give it a 10/10 and that's even before playing it. I'll have my way with it tomorrow or when amazon decide to send me it.

Kyosuke_Sanada2507d ago

Don't you mean Dark Souls will have it's way with you. :)

TopDudeMan2507d ago

I play most games on a hard difficulty so I'm used to dieing a lot. I like the challenge.

Getowned2507d ago

Lol dark souls will have it's way with me thats for sure,Really can't wait I also get my copy on friday!!! yay for amazon!