Japanese trademarks: Monster Hunter Island, Kirby’s Adventure, more

Gematsu: "A slew of new Japanese trademarks were discovered today by Japanese otaku blog Hachimaki. Make of them what you will."

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GameTavern2475d ago

Kirby's Adventure just sounds like Kirby Return to Dreamland for Japan.

Monster Hunter Island is obviously the Animal Crossing + Monster Hunter spin-off we've been waiting for.

adorie2475d ago

i hope MHI comes out on the PlayStation Vita. MH deserves a visual make-over and enough space and hardware features to compliment innovative online play.

MHI should be online, the PS Vita, as i am hoping is going to usher in more connected way to play games between people.

UltraVegito2475d ago

I Agree. MH is a perfect fit with the Online,graphics, and controls the Vita has.But it's not a matter of "if" they put it on the vita it's "when".

Quagmire2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Oh my god. I HOPE Monster Hunter Island is FINALLY the Monster Hunter game for PS3 we have ALL been asking for.

C'mon Capcom, do ONE thing right....

StarWolf2474d ago

i hope Island is a Vita AAA

Beetey2474d ago

Hopefully this is the next generation MH game the 3DS is getting and the real MH4 will be for PS3/Vita.