GT5 Prologue has taken 3 years and 320,000 man-hours

GT5 Prologue has taken roughly 3 years and 320,000 man-hours to get this far, creator and producer of the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi has said. He said they have 120 people working on the game 40 of whom are car modelers. In the first Gran Turismo, one car model took an average of one day to create, where now it takes them 180 days to do one car. In GT4 they used 4000 to 5000 polygons to create a car, in GT5 the number rises to 200,000. Yamauchi's interest in cars started when he was around 4, but he didn't get his drivers license until the age of 24 because of the expense in Japan. He currently owns a Nissan 350Z, Honda S2000, Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, Porsche 996 GT3 and two Ford GTs.

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sonarus4017d ago

all that time they better have damage. After playing it on ps3 the graphics look so good they just gotta put damage modellin in there

marinelife94017d ago

I heard they are going to have damage but not immediately. I'd rather they at least have damage effect the car even if they don't show it graphically until later.

ruibing4017d ago

The problem with damage is with the car manufacturers who use games like these as advertisement. I mean which car maker wants potential customers to see what their car would look like as a wreck.

MaximusPrime_4017d ago

forget about damage. the game is going to be fantastic.

sonarus4017d ago

when you look at the car models its so hard to not want it. That and dynamic weather would completely solidify GT5. Damage will also stop online cheesers

Danja4017d ago

We don't need dynamic weather this isn't the game for that kinda of's not a PGR4 rip off its GT5..

Damaged would be cool..since it would make the gameplay online a lil more interesting..but as long as the A.I is top notch im satisfied

GT5 FTW...this game will kick a$$

hoklee4017d ago

yeah this game look awsome especially the japanese demo.. i want to work for them too later in life hahah

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The story is too old to be commented.