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PlayStation.Blog: Time Crisis 4: From Arcade to PS3

Takashi Satsukawa, Director of Time Crisis 4, writes:

"While our team was in the process of creating the Guncon3 for the PlayStation 3 release of Time Crisis 4, we were simultaneously working on the arcade version of the game. There are considerable differences when creating a game for arcade and home release. While the Time Crisis series has been a huge success in arcades for along time now, we decided to make some changes in our formula that would ultimately benefit the PlayStation 3 version." (Arcade, PS3, Time Crisis 4)

LSDARBY  +   2585d ago
I dont know whether to get this or Guitar hero
sonarus  +   2585d ago
get guitar hero. time crisis may be fun but the graphics are too appaling
Apocwhen  +   2585d ago
Do you know if they looked this bad in the Arcade system?
At times it looks like a dreamcast game. I do love lightgun games though.
hoklee  +   2585d ago
yeah get guitar hero it's way better man .. did u saw the gameplay of this game? it look terible (bad way) well it might be fun but the graphic are bad .. if you know what i mean
crazy25000  +   2585d ago
damn graphics
the graphics are killing me on this game!! what the hell were they thinking?!?!?!
i want this sooo bad, but i just cant buy it.... :(
Expy  +   2585d ago
Whatever happened to the "Gameplay > everything else"? Time Crisis is all about the gun and shooting.
crazy25000  +   2585d ago
i thought they were going to enhance the graphics.....i mean come on, this looks terrible......i even watched the gameplay in 1080p...still looked bad
Ri0tSquad  +   2585d ago
I'll buy this game but
The FPS mode looks awful!

Graphics are sh!t too.
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crank  +   2585d ago
O *UCKING GAWD, are we getting the orange gun again?
crank  +   2585d ago
I just ******* love how they treat gun totting americans like they don't know what guns are.

I mean after 12000 murders a year you think they would just go ahead and give us the black one.

For F***'s sake.

American lobbyists really need to dumb down EVRYTHING american so we are even more dumb and illiterate.

I mean japan has hardly even close to the murder rate so it's alright to paint their guns black???



But evryone should know that the japs should cease that dolphin killing bull****.

That is just terrible. And you guys do deserve at least a green gun just for that.

Petition online for real: petitions@earth.care2.com

GIVE US THE BLACK GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ummm, that's not the petition but eh..... er............
PS3Freak  +   2585d ago
They probably paint it that colour so that stupid kids wont walk around with it pretending its real. IF they did that some over paranoid person might actually think that its real and call the cops, it happens.
Bubble Buddy  +   2585d ago
TIME CRISIS 4, with guncon 3

aahhh good memories.
Double-Edged  +   2585d ago
Stupid PS3 fanboys
Is this one of the games you hype up?
when you make a list of why you bought a PS3?
stupid losers.
SmokeyMcBear  +   2585d ago
oh im sorry, i guess you are playing a light gun game on the 360.. oh.. whats is that you say... theres nothing like it on the 360.. yeah, we hear that a lot.. go back to praying your console doesnt take a dump on you.. seriously... pray
the worst  +   2585d ago
he mad because mass effect
is disappointing
Tryst  +   2585d ago
Xbot in proximity. Search and destroy.
PS3Freak  +   2585d ago
Aside from the foolish xbots comment, does anyone know how much this game is going to cost? im guessing 70 or 80. I'll deffinetly be buying this game as i loved it in the arcades back in the day. This is a very unique experience that you cannot find on the xbox, xbox fanboys wheep.
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bruiser81  +   2585d ago
@10.4 it costs 70 dollars
poopface1  +   2585d ago
wow I love these games
I wish itd be on 360 too as Id buyit right away. I still have house of the dead 2 and a starfire light blaster on my Dreamcast. That is still fun today, and I remember using two guns at the same time is always fun too.

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