PlayStation.Blog: Time Crisis 4: From Arcade to PS3

Takashi Satsukawa, Director of Time Crisis 4, writes:

"While our team was in the process of creating the Guncon3 for the PlayStation 3 release of Time Crisis 4, we were simultaneously working on the arcade version of the game. There are considerable differences when creating a game for arcade and home release. While the Time Crisis series has been a huge success in arcades for along time now, we decided to make some changes in our formula that would ultimately benefit the PlayStation 3 version."

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LSDARBY4018d ago

I dont know whether to get this or Guitar hero

sonarus4018d ago

get guitar hero. time crisis may be fun but the graphics are too appaling

Apocwhen4018d ago

Do you know if they looked this bad in the Arcade system?
At times it looks like a dreamcast game. I do love lightgun games though.

hoklee4018d ago

yeah get guitar hero it's way better man .. did u saw the gameplay of this game? it look terible (bad way) well it might be fun but the graphic are bad .. if you know what i mean

crazy250004018d ago

the graphics are killing me on this game!! what the hell were they thinking?!?!?!
i want this sooo bad, but i just cant buy it.... :(

Expy4018d ago

Whatever happened to the "Gameplay > everything else"? Time Crisis is all about the gun and shooting.

crazy250004018d ago

i thought they were going to enhance the graphics.....i mean come on, this looks terrible......i even watched the gameplay in 1080p...still looked bad

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The story is too old to be commented.