Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception - Explorer Edition Promo Video

Sony released a new Promo Video for the Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Explorer Edition.

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NobleRed2540d ago

Looks great but I stick with the special edition.

norman292540d ago

Yeah i have to too because the \uk version is sold out everywhere already :(

WhiteLightning2540d ago

Shame the wooden traveling case dosen't have the wooden antiques CE from the US inside it...........I mean we are paying more for this thing.

BushLitter2540d ago

What exactly is the difference between the two? From what I can see, the CE has a much better steel casing and also a different 'chest'. The statues look the same, and you get the ring and buckle as well.

Does anyone know? I would rather get the CE because of the steel case, but I don't think i get that version in this region

WhiteLightning2540d ago

This the Europe one in the video

This in the American one


The American one has a plain steelbook. Europe has a steelbook (I think) but it's in the style of Drake Journal with sketches and notes inside.

I was hopeing the antiques wooden case in the American version would be inside the wooden travelers case in the Europe edition. Plus Europe get an extra 3D Uncharted 3 photo.

BushLitter2540d ago

Well then, dare I say Europe has the better version? The only thing I could say it's missing out on is the design of the American Steelbook. It looks really expensive.

Either way, the main thing I was after is the figurine and the necklace. Oh, and the bloody game of course :)

eterry2540d ago

I'm getting a second PlayStation so im just gonna get the ps3 bundle with this game. its to bad that i couldn't get the CE in the bundle :(