Bungie Q&A About New Maps

Earlier today, Microsoft Game Studios announced that the DLC Bungie has been working on will be available December 11th to the tune of 800 Microsoft points.

The Heroic Map pack is comprised of the first three maps of Bungie's intended downloadable suite to support Halo 3's multiplayer. Christopher Barrett, (AKA Barry) the creative director of Downloadable Content and Steve Cotton, the DLC design lead answered a host of questions, some reasonable, some borderline nonsense to give folks a little better idea about what they are seeing when they look at the three screenshots of the maps they have released (there will be more coming sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday).

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ThisIsWaiting4045d ago

Why so many F'N points for 3 flippin maps?

Skizelli4045d ago

Because M$ is greedy. This is one of my main gripes about XBL. M$ charges for anything they can.

ThisIsWaiting4045d ago

they just know idiots will pay for them, so why not take advantage of the idiot consumer?

I would agree with 'greedy' if they werent offering them for free in the spring.

Skizelli4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I wouldn't call people idiots for buying something that extends the life of a game. How do you justify paying $600 for a console with a lack of blockbuster games? It's because Sony has loyal followers. Same applies for just about anything. If those followers want it bad enough, they'll buy it. It just doesn't make sense to me why M$ has to nickel and dime everyone to death, especially when there's communities for popular PC games that create free content that is on par with, if not better than, developer content. That, to me, is why PC will always be the greatest gaming platform.

tony4045d ago

who's paying for 800 points for halo maps when u have call of duty 4?

Skizelli4045d ago

I am. I love COD4, but I love Halo too. It's steep, but there's worse things to blow $10 on.

Jo0j4045d ago

800pts=no sale

JokesOnYou4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

hardcore Halo fans will gladly pay 10 bucks to play 3 new Halo3 maps now, IF YOU think its not worthy simply don't buy them and later get them for free, simple business it costs devs money to make extra content, loyal fans always pay the most because they the ones who WANT IT the most.