Ninja Gaiden 3 Will Take 8-10 Hours To Complete

In a recent interview producer Yosuke Hayashi disclosed a few new details regarding Ninja Gaiden 3. First up Hayashi clarifies what Tecmo Koei meant about multiple weapons being available in NG 3.

Tecmo Koei Europe tweeted the game will feature more than one weapon a short time ago but according to Hayashi, Hayabusa’s main weapon will be the katana, however there will be several different types to choose from.

Hayashi explains that because they want players to “experience what it feels like to use a katana” this sword will be the “essential weapon” in the game.

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InNomeDiDio2332d ago

On hardest mode it'll take 8-10 years lol

gumchewinasskikr2332d ago

Funny but true. I still haven't finish Sigma 1. Got stuck!

2332d ago
Redempteur2332d ago

true ?
If you don't know how to play , go wtahc some youtube vids ... getting stuck in this game in this day and age is ridiculous

princejb1342332d ago

im still buying this game, i love ninja gaiden series and i beat it several times,
still playing ng2 till this day

otherZinc2332d ago

This is terrible!
This isn't Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden didn't do QTE's, NG3 does.
Now, its 8-10hours? Please! Ninja Gaiden 2 & 1 were longer than that on Reg XBOX & 360.

This will be a rent when all other games are beaten.
And, I bought all Ninja Gaiden games, its my 2nd favorite franchise.

QTE's leave a terrible feeling when it comes to a NG game, we did the work!

Drekken2332d ago

8-10 hours on a single player game = rent. Indeed.

Tanir2332d ago

its up to u, but this is actually very very long when compared to its competitors like devil may cry and especially god of war, GoW takes 3 hours to beat and has no multiplayer.

NG2 sigma on the other hand, 8 hours to beat depending on deaths, some multiplayer and like 50 side missions to complete, tho GOW had its own lil side missions aswell.

outwar60102332d ago

god of war tool alot long than 3 hours and the story and gameplay was very engaging so was dmc. There are loads of competitors of this sp game that offer alot more

Optical_Matrix2332d ago

After Castlevania Lords of Shadow taking 15-20 hours, I expect more from hack and slash titles. But alas, I'll still buy it. From what I played at Eurogamer Expo the game will be a blast to play regardless.

Buuhan12332d ago

A lot of developers can seriously learn from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The game is brushed off by many because it borrowed heavily from other games, but it truly is a very well crafted game.

yesmynameissumo2332d ago

I'm interested in playing it with Move. Curious to see how this and Infamous 2 will work out. 8-10 is alright, but as Optical_Matrix said, games like Lords of Shadow have spoiled me.

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The story is too old to be commented.