Would Supernatural Make a Good Video Game?

Supernatural is quite a successful series, but could it make a good video game as well?

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LOGICWINS2510d ago

It can if its done by the right people who are passionate about the series.

ABizzel12509d ago


Everytime I come to comment here, you always seem to steal what I was going to type. I fell the same and I really like Supernatural, but this is one of those moments where I'd rather not have the game, because I feel it will be doomed to being similar to a bad movie game, instead of being "Supernatural".

Like the show, the video game (I'd want one), but can't help but seeing a tragedy come from it.

Pikajew2509d ago

Anything thing can be made into a good game if you had the right devs

EVO-OM3GA2509d ago

Personally I dont think so, but I know 3 women who would buy it instantly!

Les-Grossman2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I want a Supernatural game where the Brothers fight the classic monsters. Since that would probably not get done in the show. How about a game where they take on Dracula, Wolfman, Jason, Freddy, all of the classic ones

Pozzle2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Speaking of Dracula...I'd love to see an epic Dracula game. The book itself isn't very action-packed, but I think the first part of the story where Jonathan Harker is trapped in Dracula's castle could make for a good game.

The game could be about finding aways to escape the castle, all while uncovering evidence that Dracula isn't human and making sure Dracula doesn't find out you're trying to escape. You could search the castle for keys and items that would either help you open new areas of the castle or aid in your escape, and you have to do it all without catching Dracula's attention...or the attention of his evil brides.

IMO it could be a great survival-horror/puzzle type of game.

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