Five gaming trends that need to end

Everyone has that list of things that bug you about video gaming, the sequel syndrome, DLC overflow, etc.

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Wizziokid2509d ago

zombies? I'm sorry but I hate it when people say zombies are over-done.

what about war games?

smmelton2508d ago

I'll definitely give you that. But I suppose I could have argued anything's overdone. Sports games, sci-fi games, puzzle games. :P

Wizziokid2508d ago

yup, it really annoys me when people pick on the zombie franchise, yes the typical zombie-esque title has been done alot and devs do need to look into making a more 'survival' focused zombie game but other genres have been done alot more

cain1412508d ago

I hate preorder DLC bonuses that are exclusive. I want the option for all the DLC not just what happens to be at one store.

BuffMordecai2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Yeah! That's one of the most BS trends of this generation, that and milking DLC hard in the worst way imaginable.

NewVegasTroop2508d ago

i hate online passes, also zombies are way over-done, only acceptable zombie game is resident evil, and somewhat nazi zombies but that is just a bonus, i think zombie games should stay that a bonus

user98412882508d ago

30+ year olds that play video games complaining about kids not being mature. That would be a great one to add to this list ;)

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