Honestly, Are You Surprised About Chrono Trigger Load Time?

"I remember when Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions came out and it was jam-packed with lag. "I trust Square will fix it in the US version," cried the masses, despite my repeated reality checks. Then it came Stateside and, as expected, the lag was still there. That same game then came to the PlayStation Network and again the question was raised. Why? I have no idea, this is not rocket surgery. The lag was once again the same." -Heath on GR

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badjournalism2542d ago

He's full of shit. Final Fantasy 4 and 5 didn't have these issues on the PS1. CT and FF6 did. I have both collections for the PS1 and experienced it first hand. It's why I never finished CT or FF6 in the PS1 incarnations. The freezeup before any battle and ability use in battle made it unplayable. FFT on the PSP got the same treatment and SE themselves said it was because the ports had load times, that weren't in the original, hard coded in.

This has nothing to do with CD vs Cartridge or even load times in the originals, which were non-existant(I still play them and know this first hand), and everything to do with SE's port teams making horrible decisions with no QA involved.

knifefight2542d ago

It doesn't say anything about Final Fantasy 4 and 5.

It also says exactly what you said about CD versus code.

GoldenPheasant2542d ago

FFT on PSP, the remaster WOL, did not have noticable load times, but then again I was running it off the memory stick.

stormeagle62542d ago

So, do you actually read things before you make trolling responses that just make you seem illiterate?

BigWoopMagazine2542d ago

Nope, not surprised. I own FFVII, the first 3 resident evil games, spyro, both oddworld games, and a handful of other PSX classics in digital form - all of the retain the load times, glitches, and incredibly high detail the original versions did.

FlashXIII2542d ago

Who cares? For us Europeans who don't care much for handheld gaming, it's out first chance to play the game every RPG fan was raving about.

Chrono2542d ago

It was released on the Virtual Console, with less loading times.

koehler832542d ago

Well no. PSone classics are ripped right from the disc. There's no additional development or optimization. It as exactly as it was on the disc and that's all it will ever be.

I recommend any of the versions available on Nintendo systems if that's an option. It's cheaper and better on VC.

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