Namco Bandai responds to Dark Souls Collector’s Edition downloading problems

Namco Bandai Games have released a statement responding to several complaints from those having trouble downloading the digital extras for the Dark Souls Collector’s Edition.

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Omega Archetype2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Too bad that didn't actually fix anything. I've got 1.6 MB/s internet speed yet it's going to take 15 minutes to download a 22.4 MB file.

I don't even know if I should bother with the behind the scenes videos. I would love to have them, but this is ridiculous. It's time for them to upgrade their servers apparently.

TopDudeMan2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Namco bandai made the best decision ever to publish demon's souls in europe and then dark souls. And I can see the series getting bigger. What they need to do is maybe tweak the multiplayer a little bit. Because I've heard getting into a game with your friends is a bit of a nightmare.

Can't wait til tomorrow!!!!

DeleteThisxx2478d ago

You can't get into a game with your friends. It's all fully randomized.

TopDudeMan2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Well, no because you could always arrange to play it together in demon's souls. But there's more conditions you have to meet in this one. I think it'd be better if it let you send an invite to your friend (regardless of level or where they are in the game) and get them in your game because the game doesn't get that much easier as you level up anyway, to be honest.

Can you not read the person's name who's going to be playing with you before you decide?

GunofthePatriots2478d ago

the game isn't really designed for you to play with your friends.

Tanir2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

bad idea dude dnt ruin the game. cuz then no1 wud have any1 2 play with if it wasnt random

only tweak they need is make the characters more attractive lol especially girls

TopDudeMan2478d ago

Nah, you're misunderstanding what I mean.

I'm saying still allow them to find people randomly, but at least give us the option to play the game with a friend.

Tanir2478d ago

I understand what you mean, but you gotta figure, if everyone was able to do that, then everyone would just play with their friends, if you get the option people will always choose friends first. ESPECIALLY if their friend is lvl 255 and ur lvl 1......thats power leveling to the max

now Maybe a one time use Item would be cool so you could do that, maybe save it for the final boss or somethin. but thats it

Kyosuke_Sanada2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I think a better idea would be like a log book that shows your friend progress level wise. For example:

You stumble in an underground library and as you venture with in you notice giant paintings side by side. Above them would be a rusty sign with the words scratched on "Always By Your Side".

As you go closer, the pictures reveal to be of your friends, basic pictures of what job they chose in the beginning in the current area they are exploring but examining it would be a comment they typed out, followed by level, amount of times died etc....

It can be updated every 24 hours.....

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XFON2478d ago

anyone know why the site is asking me for my address and other information in order to download some of these items?

im very cautious when it comes to handing information and i don't understand why it would require my address.

callahan092478d ago

I wish Atlus had gotten publishing rights to this one, too... then we would've gotten physical bonuses instead of downloadable.

TheRacingX2478d ago

Great Game , But NAMCO is a cheap ass publisher, Hey, Atlus gave us the strategy guide AND a CD with an art book. You give us downloads on a cheap ass server where people are having trouble even downloading the stuff that should have been in the box. Super. Adding those items in physical form couldn't have added more than a dollar or two to the cost (I worked for a publisher, I know how much that stuff costs) Hell, I would have paid the $10 extra to get a package like I got with Atlus release. Namco fumbled big time here sorry to say

Mister_G2478d ago

I'm in the UK and by default got the "day one limited edition" version which has the art book, audio CD, behind the scenes DVD, just doesn't have the strategy guide; that's downloda only for us too.

chadachada1232478d ago

Wait, your copy of Dark Souls included a physical CD and DVD along with your game? The hell man, the US release has everything but the art book and actual game as download-only. That's interesting...

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