The Xbox 720 Won’t Stream Games Online

360 Magazine: The infrastructure necessary to offer gamers videogames via an ethernet cable just isn't there yet, so Microsoft would be mad to offer the service any time soon.

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DaveX3602331d ago

Xbox 360 2, Xbox Next, Next Box, The Microsoft Gameturtle. Take your pick.

jimmins2331d ago

The Turtle one! The Turtle one!

Venox20082331d ago

teenage mutant ninja box! :)

egidem2331d ago

I don't know what they'll call it, but in my opinion Microsoft they better come up with a good name. Xbox 360 to me doesn't have a simple straightforward meaning as "PlayStation 3".

They have a couple of weird names, like Microsoft Bob, Silverlight and their search engine Bing. Scenario:

"I want you to Bing his daughter."
sounds very different from :
"I want you to Google his daughter."
even though they mean the same thing.

2327d ago
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