PSNow! - Resident Evil 4 HD Review

Few franchises can claim to have revolutionized the gaming world outlook, and fewer still have done with more than one delivery. Resident Evil's case is special, if your first attempt resulted in the consecration of survival horror in the world of video game, Resident Evil 4 was the major driver of today's style of play that dominates the vast majority of third-person shooters, the camera on his shoulder.

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Rageanitus2539d ago

I loved this game on the gamecube, It was so good I even finished it twice on the PC version... too bad the textures sucked ass (from the PS2)..... then it came on wii... and now on "HD" ps/360... HOnestly would they stop milking this game. They should have done the HD version when the PC version came out.

Sickr2539d ago

I was going to say the same thing as I also adored the game on Gamecube and then to a slightly lesser extent on Wii. Will have to check out the HD version sometime.