Skylanders Full Character List

Steph Flemming writes: "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure puts exquisite collectable toys to work in a videogame. Getting the best value from your collection is more than finding the cheapest price, it's as much about choosing the toys that suit how you play the game."

"With that in mind here are the detailed differences between each character (which will be filled out in detail as more information becomes available)"

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Relientk772480d ago

Insomniac Games save us please

WhiteLightning2480d ago

Agreed but they don't want anything to do wit Spyro anymore.

I say Naughtydog should buy the rights alongside Crash Bandicoot. If theres one developer who could make an amzing Spyro game that plays like the old ones it's ND. There the best choice

Relientk772480d ago

I would love both new Crash Bandicoot games and new Spyro games, by real developers such as Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog

paulgovan2476d ago

How insular hardcore gaming has become. Can no one see how great this is?