Halo movie in 2012 — report

TVGB: "This is one that just won’t go away; after years of rumors (2009, 2010), more talk of Steven Spielberg helming a Halo movie has surfaced."

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wwm0nkey2510d ago

Probably true, Spielberg REALLY wanted the get a Halo movie made after he read The Fall of Reach script Stuart made. He aggressively tried to push the movie and has been talking to Microsoft for quite some time about it.

Septic2510d ago

The Halo universe could be translated really well to a movie.

Its about time we got a decent videogame based movie.

wwm0nkey2510d ago

agreed, now it just depends on what is going to be adapted to the movie, from the press release it sounds like it will be a Cryptum movie, which is great because that had a really good story.

EVILDEAD3602510d ago

Spielburg + Halo would spontaneously combust the planet earth if confirmed true..

crosses fingers and toes..


DeadIIIRed2510d ago

If Spielberg gets it it may be good. Just pray to god that Uwe Boll doesn't catch a scent of this.

Nunchez2510d ago

God I really hope this actually comes together and they don't fuck it up.

MasterD9192510d ago

Impossible to get such momentum on this movie by 2012...It won't happen in time if that this their target range.

I think a movie will happen down the road but everything in between will only be more speculation until there is a major announcement by some major director or writer.

It's far less likely than people think. They don't want to screw around with the series and affect sales before Halo 4.

The EDGE2510d ago

the best part of the movie would be its multiplayer