Crysis – Xbox 360 vs PC Comparison

Crysis just made it out to the xbox 360 after 4 years, but can it perform?

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TurboGamer2422d ago

art style from the pc version looks far more realistic and shadows is better, draw distance, textures,.... well the pc version just looks better in every aspect. Cryengine 2 is still better than the Cryengine 3.

turgore2422d ago

except the fugly lighting.

Qazdaz2422d ago

The lighting on the pc version is much better.

Autodidactdystopia2421d ago

Don't buy into the hype man. Like I said years ago crysis will never look close to PC on consoles. Maybe next Gen.

It still looks good though don't get me wrong.
just don't be delusional. there is NO COMPARISON ABSOLUTELY NONE.

BattleAxe2421d ago

I'm sorry, but if anyone can look at this video and say the 360 version looks better in any way, then you're just plain stupid. Trade your PC in for a Wii, because thats what you deserve.

ProjectVulcan2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago ) Plus this in 1080p.

About time someone did a comparison on the PC's terms @ 1080p to show the true difference. For too long sites have cut PC off at the legs down to 720p to compare, when no one plays in 720p on PC, nearly everyone plays at one higher resolution or another.

Even with youtube's compression it is obvious the gap is vast. I got disagrees yesterday for saying that the console version looks great- IF you had not seen it side by side with the PC one.

Well if you disagreed, watch these videos.

TheXgamerLive2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I can always tell when pc/xbox 360/ps3 gamers comment on something that their fighting to keep better on their platform, lol.
All these comments crack me up. "OBVIOUSLY" this game looks much better here on the Xbox 360, everything is better, now yes you see a farther draw distance in "1" scene on pc, well that's maybe b/c an excellent lighting system is being used on the 360 or maybe pc draws better farther, regardless.
Seriously, the game is much much better on the consoles now and remember most people, not you hardcore pc gamers but most can't run at the same settings that this is, "BUT" it still looks hella great on the pc after all these years and some big patches to boost it.
Were all just fortunate that we can play it on consoles now.

Autodidactdystopia2421d ago

you are "OBVIOUSLY" laughable


TheXgamerLive2421d ago

awww thanks for the comment back little man:)

ATi_Elite2422d ago

Whoa! Crytek did an excellent job so far putting Crysis on the CryEngine 3. The game looks very good on the 360 and consolers are in for a treat as long as the Crysis game play stays true which i'm sure Crytek did since they went the extra mile on this conversion.

Good Job Crytek and the 360 version looks GREAT!!

The CryEngine 2 was never meant for consoles as it requires lots of GPU power to get maximum results but once the maximum results are achieved you can clearly see the beauty of the Cryengine 2.

Not to take away from the great looking 360 version but the CryEngine 2 just offers way more photo realistic gameplay and the Pc hardware allows for more detail, texture depth, and animation.

Kleptic2422d ago

They did do a great job on consoles...i remember hearing EVERYWHERE that neither console could come 'close' to Crysis it is...and considering the age of the consoles, its more than acceptable...

the physics are there, the animation is there, and the entire world is just falls short on textures, res, and AA...but sitting 10 feet back from a 46" TV; i never care about those things...

too bad they didn't fix the original'a AI though...saw a few game videos earlier...its still hot trash...

cannon88002422d ago

darn it now i want to play crysis on pc again!

FanboyPunisher2422d ago

Who'da known? POS consoles.

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turgore2422d ago

The pc version is modded and on very high.

raytraceme2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

whats the problem with that? You don't want them to gimp the pc version to look worse than the xbox version do you? Unlike the other gimped pc vs xbox comparisons this obviously shows the superiority of the pc graphics. A $600 pc can easily run this at the setting the video is running at.

And anyways the pc version is not modded in this comparison. If you want to see modded then you are in for a surprise ;)

DwightOwen2422d ago


Ummm, no, the PC version is NOT modded. And so what if the settings are on Very High? What, we PC users should gimp our version in both resolution AND settings so that you can feel better about your console port? The only way to appropriately compare the two is to max out the PC version to make it look as pretty as it can. Otherwise, what's the point?

Still, it's pretty sad that a four year-old game, made on a far less optimized engine (CE2), is far superior to its console brethren.

ATi_Elite2422d ago

Of course it's on high......Finally we a proper PC vs. Console comparison where they are not running the PC version on some GIMPED settings.

and NO it is not modded! I play Crysis PC with the immersion mod and other high texture mods and Crysis console or Crysis PC vanilla DO NOT even compare to Crysis with Mods.

Nice attempt at trolling though but EPIC FAIL!

DwightOwen2422d ago

Don't bother, dude; it never occurs to these console fanboys that maybe we know what we're talking about because we play both PCs AND consoles and see the differences firsthand, unlike them.

maniactadpole2422d ago

Crysis with mods can even compete with the likes of Battlefield 3 and Metro 2033 ! :)

ATi_Elite2422d ago

Yeh Crysis with mods is just flat-out sick to the point that every other game almost looks like crap.

Crysis w/ immersion mod
GTAIV w/ icenhamcer mod
Arma II with Ace mod 2
Stalker Call of Pripyat Complete
and a few others....

are like the sickest graphical titles!!

Eyesoftheraven2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I am the creator of the video. If you take the time to watch the second half, you could see that I had used footage using very low PC settings as well. Also: The PC footage which I recorded myself, was not modded in any way.

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Kamikaze1352422d ago

Both versions look great, but the PC version looks much more realistic. It seems like they exaggerated on the lighting effects to make the console version look good.

girlwithturn2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Where is f*cked ps3?

Xbox: no grass, less draw distance, sub-hd, low-res textures, blurred rocks, low framerate.

Perjoss2422d ago

comparing to 360 is silly because it was never gonna look as good as PC. I still cant believe i get to play this bad boy on consoles though!

Eyesoftheraven2421d ago

I created the video for lighthearted fun out of curiosity. That is all.

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