Forza 4 Ferrari 458 Top Gear Drag Race Gameplay (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "We jump in the Ferrari 458 and go head to head in a drag race at the famous Top Gear test track in England."

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EVILDEAD3602504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I actually just travelled to Ferrari World not too long ago and the funny part is Forza 4 looks better than the super expensive Ferrari sim they had for you to play.

But, it wasnt until my trip there that my interest in Ferraris jumped to a new level. Look forward to Autovista with the Ferrari collection as well as the Top Gear races they have depicted on the vid.


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drab colors are due to the sky being cloudy. Have you ever been outside to witness cloudy skies?

You're in most Forza threads and trolling and this shows your blatant fanboisim for the other brand.

Try to have some sense when you make a comment irrespective if it's for your chosen platform game or for the side you seem to blindly hate. Try to play the game first before making judgemental comments.