Crysis Xbox 360 Jungle and Boat gameplay videos

Msxbox-world posted two exclusive Crysis videos from the Xbox 360 version of the game.

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horndog2539d ago

Not as bad as i thought it would be but pc is still the way to go. Cheaper too.

Tyre2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

only if u don't count the $400 PC (that is needed to play the 1st)...this is just 20 bucks for a game that is remastered & optimized for console players, if someone wanted it to play on PC they could have done it already for sometime now, why mention that here? Being a smarta$$?

ATi_Elite2539d ago

Why does this have a "PC tag"? The video link isn't working (well as of now) and the video should have been embedded on the front page!

Who ever approved this should be ashamed!

DaTruth2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I really want to play this, but Dark Souls won't let me! It's right there on the HDD waiting, but I keep scrolling up to the disk!

I've wanted to play this gamesince 2008, bu, bu, bu... the Dark Souls!

Autodidactdystopia2539d ago

dark souls vs OG crysis

which is more pertinent to gaming history?

Tyre2539d ago

What has Dark Souls got to do with Crysis?

MysticStrummer2539d ago

Don't blame you. The choice between an innovative Action RPG and a nice looking but otherwise standard FPS is no choice at all. Dark Souls by a mile.

maniactadpole2539d ago

You should play Crysis bru. RPG's come and go but the original Crysis is truly one of a kind.

kevnb2539d ago

really looks bad when you move quickly, or even anything off a little in the distance looks terrible.

xPhearR3dx2539d ago

Yeah, I'm playing it now on 360 and it doesn't look the best. I mean, the game looks great, but compared to the PC version it's terrible. The only things that look really good, are the gun and AI models. Everything else is rather meh. I'm still enjoying the game though, very fun.

Tyre2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

@ kevnb xPhearR3dx SFTU...Looks great, trollers. @josephayal Crysis has been made by the creators of the original Farcry(not the Farcry by Ubisoft):Crytek, didn't u know? Farcry/Cryengine. btw i'm halfway through the game and it's terrific in the good sense...looks absolutely great.