PS3's First Birthday: We Felt the Love

Celebrating this past Saturday: Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese is 65, Actor Danny DeVito turned 63, Milton from Office Space (Stephen Root) is 56, former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes is 41, and PLAYSTATION 3 turned one year old. It was on November 17th of last year that gamers put their lives on hold, camped out on sidewalks, and attracted crowds of reporters and onlookers to become the first to enter the PS3 generation.

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Bill Gates4018d ago

Well gamers it's been a year now for the PS3.
The great thing is that over 99% of them are still alive and healthy, where as the 360 continues to give gaming a BAD name due to its RROD......AAHAAAHAHAHhAHHH

PS3 - True Next Gen Gaming Console
360 - Piece of Shiet that does NOTHING NEW...AAHAHAHAAHhAH

jayrmck4018d ago

I bought a 60GB PS3 11/17/07 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It is the total package well worth the $499.99 price tag, plus I got it from ToysRus and got a free controller with it!