Nintendo Bundles Wii With Pink Wiimote and Wii Party

Nintendo will be giving the Wii a new push over the year end sales season with a new bundle consisting of a Pink Wiimote Plus and Wii Party.
The limited edition bundle includes a white or black Wii, with matching Wiimote Plus and Nunchuck, and adds a pink Wiimote Plus, and a copy of Wii Party.

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dcortz20272545d ago

Does anyone even care about the Wii anymore?

DarkBlood2544d ago

enough of the semi hate dude

SovereignSnaKe2544d ago

ask me after Skyward Sword.

cpayne932544d ago

Been a while since I turned on my wii, and I have to say I'm VERY excited for that game. Perhaps even more than any other game this year.

Noticeably_FAT2544d ago

This will will sell very well. I was actually surprised how well the pink weapon skins sold on Gears 3. Seems like everyone has them. Pink is in I guess.

Agent_hitman2544d ago

Why pink Wiimote?, Is it targeting female consumers? or gay?