When achievements insult and troll us! | 7BitArcade

Have you ever been trolled by games before when achievements are involved? We have, so we went out and found the worst.

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7bitarcade2481d ago

Have any of you ever got these achievements? or bought Avatar? tut tut

SethThePirate2481d ago

Avatar was a low point in my gaming life...I'm actively seeking to sink lower just to at least make my shame original.

Binkythebomb2481d ago

Pah, achievements, trophies, who needs 'em.
Do things in games that you think are fun, not just because you get a pretty pretty tag for it. If I was going to bomb the crap out of some poor sods in Mercs 2, I did it because it was fun to do so, not because there was a badge involved.

Mind you, it could be worse.
"You have played the Tutorial, here's 10 gamer points and a trophy".

FunAndGun2480d ago

"Do things in games that you think are fun"

What if I think chasing trophies is fun?