The games press looks at the PS3's first year

From PS3 Fanboy:

"The PS3's first year has come to a close, and we wanted to ask our friends at various gaming outlets to tell us what they thought about Sony's debut performance in this new gaming generation. Obviously, the company has received a lot of flak, but can they turn it around? Read on in this PS3 Fanboy exclusive..."

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basherdrog4045d ago

compare the first year seals of xbox360 with ps3.u'll see ps3 is right on track//it has done well even with the lack of AAA titles and console availability issues while competing with 2 other consoles:
1-360 with a 1 year old settled base already

this makes me think that if ps3 had released one year before 360 and wii it wud have done much better then what 360 has done. anyways 360 has one the first part of this next gen war. to which i dont give a damn as long as i keep getting good AAA titles on both of my consoles.

360 and Playstation 3

joydestroy4044d ago

right there with you on that.
bubbles for you

ravinash4045d ago

Thats all I care about.

littletad4045d ago

Kudos to a ps3 fansite that actually puts the opposite competitions (360 fanboy) thoughts. I do sure hope Sony gets it's act together after the holidays though. There's still too few titles that make actually want to lay down $400 dollars. But MGS4 might just do that.

dalibor4045d ago

the ps3 is getting better & better cannot wait for 08, sh*****t KZ2, GTA, Metal Gear, & Final Fantasy all in the same year... oh & littlebigplanet its gonna be absurd at least i think it will be

ceedubya94045d ago

It can stay in 3rd place for all I care. As long as it brings me games that I want to play that are not on my 360, I will always be more than satisfied with my PS3. I may not have many games for it, but the ones that I do have, Like Uncharted, show that the PS3 can give us games that are great and fun to play.