Did Dragon Age 2 outshine its predecessor?

ETV: Did Dragon Age 2 outshine its predecessor?

When sequels are produced it is often expected that they will be a drastic improvement from the previous games, unfortunately it can sometimes be difficult to outshine a truly great game. The second Dragon Age game was released on March 8, 2011 and there was quite a bit of hype about it due to the huge success of BioWare’s first Dragon Age. However, now that all of the attention has died down somewhat, we can look at both of the games subjectively and decide whether Dragon Age 2 really topped the first.

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Xof2511d ago

I think so, but then again, I had a pretty goddamned low opinion of the first game (that awful, awful main plot). DA2 had its share of problems, but I'd say it was still a solid 6/10.

Neckbear2511d ago

I concur. Dragon Age II wasn't good by any means, but I believe people are forgetting that Origins was just as throughly mediocre.

awi59512511d ago

LOL hell no! Whoever says that played on console lol.

Xof2511d ago

Or maybe we just have higher standards when it comes to RPGs.

DAO had one of the most cliched, uninspired narratives the gaming industry has seen in decades. The voice acting was hit-and-miss, it lacked a cohesive aesthetic style, it was sorely lacking in terms of variation--in every respect: there was little quest variety, weapon variety, monster variety, armor variety, etc., etc.

And it was also plagued by the typical bioware problems of promising a narrative with choice, but forgetting to add consequences, and the whole confusion that good and evil are somehow the same thing as rude and polite.

It was a mediocre game--at best. If you disagree, you need to hunt down some copies of the Witcher, Shadows of Amn, Planescape Torment, etc., etc.--you know, the classics of the genre, so that you may form a more considered opinion.

awi59512511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Yeah right having all the same dungeons they copied and pasted over and over makes Dragon age 2 a epic fail and everyone knows it. Did you even play the first game dragon age orgins was just as good as KOTOR your crazy.

2511d ago
brish2511d ago

Q. Did Dragon Age 2 outshine its predecessor?
A. No

Kamikaze1352511d ago

Not at all. Dragon Age 2 has a few high points that make it a good game, but there are way too many cons: dungeons were mostly the same, not able to buy and switch armor for allies, and it's way too linear.

N311V2511d ago

My opinion is similar to yours, only difference is that I really liked how the story concluded. It dragged for way too long but ended with a bang. Got me excited for the next game however it it's not vastly improved in the areas you pointed out I don't think I could let it pass again.

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