Why Kinect is better than the PlayStation Move

Both PlayStation and Xbox have released wireless motion devices that correlate with the game system, enabling the user to navigate through various games without the traditional controller. Each one of these gaming giants took a different approach. Xbox created the completely hands free Kinect, making the user the controller. PlayStation stuck with the tried and proven approach of a wireless wand that the user holds, something akin to the Wii-mote.

Overall both systems have had a success with their new endeavours, but which one is better?

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Wintersun6162480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Why do they have to be made specifically for Move to count? In my eyes games like KZ3, LBP2, InF2 etc getting Move support does raise it's appeal. Of course we do need more games for Move, but ignoring 90% of games you can play with Move and saying it only has 1 or 2 notable games seems very biased to me.

"The XBox 360 Kinect is truly the winner in this comparison. Not only does it win points for originality and superior features, but the games for the Kinect are truly amazing and utilize all of the features to their fullest potential."

Originality? Do your homework before posting articles like this on the internet, please. Sure it's improved a LOT over EyeToy, but the concept is very similar so no points for originality for either of these competitors, because Sony copied and improved the concept of Wii too. And the features.. Isn't accuracy and diversity good features when talking about gaming?

I don't really care for motion controls, but if I had to pick, I'd pick Move because it's more suitable for my hardcore gamer needs.

stonecold32480d ago

nope if fact sony has the move in development way back early 2000 micorsoft took sony route with kinect the eyetoy was already out in 2002 whcih kinect has been done like 8 years ago.

Dante1122480d ago

"Why Kinect is better than the PlayStation Move"

Because more casuals buy it right? More sales equals better?


They're both stagnant as far as functionality in my eyes (One doesn't work well with shooters, one isn't that equipped with fighter games).

death2smoochie2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

And Sony's Eye Toy was copied from Sega's DREAM EYE...
And Kinect concept was also done before by Sega and it was called the Activator well before the Eye Toy and Kinect.
Atari started all the motion controls with the Le Stick...
Nintendo was playing with motion controls back in the day of the Nintendo Power Glove.
Moral of this story? ALL companies copy one another.

Army_of_Darkness2480d ago

when kinect can handle and play every genre well like the move, while keeping high quality graphics, then sure... I can accept kinect being better...
But until then, this guy's opinion is just stupid.

darthv722480d ago

the eyetoy equivalent is actually the "live vision camera". A little known and marketed unit that was the same as the eyetoy.

Kinect is different in many ways but the notion of it being a camera is what people often associate with the pseye/eyetoy.

We should look at it like this. PS eye is the evolution to the eyetoy. Kinect is the evolution to the live vision camera. If we are doing comparatives i think it best we put them into the right perspectives.

On topic, kinect and move have much more to offer than what we are seeing now. The tacked on feeling of motion controls can all be blamed on nintendo and the wii.

Both MS and sony are filling the void between games that can be played with controllers (although given an alternate control scheme to use motion) and ones that are truly only playable by their respected motion units.

The argument can be made that motion cant be made to replace traditional controls but I say if given the chance to impress us. The day when we can put the controller down and actually step into the game will happen sooner than we think.

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SoapShoes2480d ago

Yeah I agree... Resistance 3(with the patch), KZ3, and Socom 4 are ALL great with the Move. It does not have to be move specific to count. That's like saying Killzone 3 isn't a dualshock game because it also uses the Move.

LOGICWINS2480d ago

Killzone 3 is better with Move IMO. My accuracy is through the roof with it. I can get headshots easier and clear rooms much faster with the Move as opposed to the DS3.

But thats just my experience. Can't speak for other people.

dantesparda2480d ago

Look at that, that is blatantly what Kinect is. It just goes to show you that MS knows how to hype and market sh!t.

vyke32480d ago

ROFL they can't even bother putting an original name XD

Cenobia2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

You cannot move around in 3D space with the Kinect (beyond a ~4x4 foot space, or whatever). That is it's major limitation and why I do not personally think it is better than Move.

Your movement is extremely limited and you can't go anywhere without being on guided on rails. That is a huge limitation, imo, and why Kinect will be casual for 95% of it's games.

What Kinect needs for core games is 2 Wii-mote attachment type devices (wireless) that the player can hold in each hand. That way they can have 3D movement with analog sticks, and their hands are still free to move around. They could even add a few buttons for things you don't want to wave your arms around for, like choosing dialog, etc.


Lol @ saying kinect is original. They Eye Toy for the PS2 says hello!!!

gamingdroid2480d ago

What about going one step further, the webcam!

Since we are there we could also just go back to the earliest cameras.

See where I'm heading with this....

DaTruth2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

But only one device has 150,000 "planted" articles claiming it's original!

cpayne932480d ago

I like how he said that kinect has way better games but doesn't even name one.

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Septic2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

To be honest, motion gaming has hardly taken off with hardcore gamers. It doesn't present a serious incentive to take on board and until it does, I couldn't care less which device is better.

I do believe motion-based gaming will lay the foundations for the way we interact with our games in the future, but for now, its still very much at its infancy for me to be excited about it.

LOGICWINS2480d ago

Depends on the game. For dance games and exercise, Kinect is better because it can track your entire body. Move is better for shooters.

THC CELL2480d ago

Move is awesome Kinect is just over hyped i had a party of 10 people wanting to play kinect and it was just unplayable with that amount of people in the room

Move we played darts and had a blast and when they seen other games people was hooked for hours

JellyJelly2480d ago Show
_Aarix_2480d ago

You just hate the xbox. And anything involving it.

FunkMcnasty2480d ago

Hey look another Troll comment from THC Cell, the biggest sony fanboy on N4G... moving on.

Anyway, I agree that the Move is better, even though I've played neither. At least the Move has peripherals.. Anyone seen the preview for the upcoming Kinect shooter "Blackwater"? I'd rather use the sharpshooter than mime like I'm holding an assault rifle.

will_c_752480d ago

To me the issue with Kinect, is the same one that I had with the Eyetoy. My blue eyes, are really sensitive to bright light. The amount of light needed to get these to work accurately, means I have to squint, or wear sunglasses. It just takes away from being able to really immerse yourself into the game.

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