Digital Chumps - White Knight Chronicles II Review

Digital Chumps - White Knight Chronicles II is a JRPG with western influences. It not only includes the next five chapters of the White Knight story, but also a re-mastered version of the original White Knight Chronicles. All told, this is a thoroughly enjoyable JRPG with a great online and offline presence.

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coryok2539d ago

while the game has a few problems and does a few things that i find annoying, theyre small enough that i can ignore them and enjoy the game, which btw, is pretty awesome

WildArmed2537d ago

I really like how they've added some functions that were desperately needed.
Like auto-match, you can turn it on n off.
Room search.. u don't randomly get put in a damn room lol

enemy weakness + battle speed (esp. when u are in knight mode!)

Thou being heavey makes u pretty slwo still