Atomic: The Secret World - Ragnar Tørnquist on massively multiplayer within massively multiplayer

Atomic: The Secret World is set to be an MMORPG that shakes up the beloved genre. We break down exactly how it plans on achieving this end with Ragnar Tørnquist.

"One thing I really want to emphasise with The Secret World is how much the content means. Our missions aren’t like quests in normal MMOs that are just sort of throwaway, that are there to get XP. Our missions are fun to play. They have story, they have meaning, they have interesting gameplay. You’ll never find a mission in The Secret World that’s all about killing 15 zombies; there’s always a reason behind what you’re doing, there’s always some more intriguing mechanics. We have something called investigation missions and that’s something that Joel has been a huge contributor to, which are more like mini-adventure games, or puzzle games inside our world. They’re all about exposing mysteries, finding out conspiracies that have been hidden, going out onto Wikipedia to research historical characters and events and using that information to crack these puzzles. And that’s going to require the community to come together because these are way too hard for a single player to crack. So this is all about multiplayer puzzle solving. So our investigation missions are an important part of our games. Of course, you’re still going out and killing demons and zombies and fighting giant Cthulhu monsters, but investigations is part of our identity, definitely."

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