GameStyle - Dead Island Review

GameStyle - Dead Island Brings The Zombie Genre Back From The Dead.

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shammgod2541d ago

nobody is listening to you gamestyle...

Miths2541d ago

What the hell has this guy been smoking? Even flawed as it is, Dead Island is at the absolutely very least worth a 7/10 - and in my opinion it's closer to a 9.

MysticStrummer2541d ago

I'd give it a 7/10 at the very most, if it was glitch free, but the buggy mess I played was a 5/10.

solar2541d ago

the game wasnt very good. the score is about right. im starting to think gamers are lowering their standards way to much nowadays.

Cosmit2541d ago

4? Even with its problem everyone is claiming, its still at least better than a 7 in my book.


convince yourselves otherwise,not me.

mixelon2541d ago

There wasn't any information in the review. Anyone could've written this without even playing it. :/

It doesn't so much as mention almost all of the games main selling points.. Multiplayer, weapon customisation etc.