Forza Motorsport 4: Nurburgring Battle Gameplay

GameTrailers writes: Weave through traffic to overtake your opponent on one of the world's most challenging courses!

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CoReI5K2542d ago

Move aside for the NEW Graphics King :)

FighterJoe2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Inaccurate Nordschleife if I have ever seen one.

I'm sorry, it's just a turn off.

kaveti66162542d ago

Have you ever even been to Germany?

Jdub895O2542d ago

exactly what i was thinking.Looks good though. I THINk it doesnt look as good as gt5 but can be compared with shift 2. Ireally liked shift by the way underrated game.

FighterJoe2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

So any comment that isn't positively postive is "hate", I thought I put it pretty lightly but apparently not.

So if I said "Move aside for the NEW Nordschleife King :)" it would have been all good. Yeah I see how it works, one way views. This is why we can't have nice things.

BuffMordecai2542d ago

This looks really nice, somehow better than the demo I played.

felonycarclub2542d ago

wow and this is what they call the new king, lmfao, that doesnt even look the nurburgring, so inacurate and why is it so wide especially some of the parts of the track, oh yeah i forgot this is an arcade racer oh and the grass doesnt even slow him down awesome

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