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Kikoo: "Spider-Man: Edge of Time is mediocre with a lower shelf. For a game neither sensational nor evil, just average. The title certainly much lost by the lack of Spider-Man Noire, which enjoyed the greatest success in the previous game. Year of time that Beenox devoted to the production, showed that little has changed in terms of Shattered Dimensions, not eliminated even the biggest ills of the previous scenes. "

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MehmetAlperTR2334d ago

Just another Activision huge dissappointment.. Just like Sega did.. Both company are heroes games KILLER .. Just leave it to Rocksteady ..

CZUM2334d ago

You know The Avengers (canned game) looks pretty awsome, so maybe there is a chance for good comicbook game ;)

Gamer30002334d ago

rockstar should do marvel superhero games

badz1492333d ago

with their rag doll physics, it will be just as much as a joke!

banner2334d ago

I was hoping acti would make this a great game like that money hungry guy said they was...

Dah-well... Acti should just stick to cod and stop ruining games that have such great potential, they should give this franchise to the guys doing arkham city.