10 of the best 32-inch HD TVs

32-inch HD TVs satisfy two completely different buyers: people after a decent-sized TV for their decent-sized living room; and those more TV-centric people who fancy a second high-def TV in the house. Here's's Top Ten best 32-inch HD TVs. (Prices quoted are best online prices as of November 19.)

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Meus Renaissance4017d ago

I have the Sony Bravia KDL32-D3000

PS3Freak4017d ago

I have the Sony Bravia KDL32-S3000 Whats the difference?

Meus Renaissance4017d ago

Better clarify with black levels. 100MHz technology, which helps ease with motion blurring on the screen when you're viewing high speed moving objects (when you're watching sports for example), and 24p which improves the frame rate in movies. It's actually how directors record their film in its natural state.

The D3000 also comes with 3 1.3 HDMI input slots. It's slightly over priced but for what it gives, I consider it the best 32" on the market. It looks pretty damn good aswell.


I have a Samsung 32"... From LN series, if I remember it right... Good one, I don't have much space and don't really care that much about 1080p for that size of screen (maybe 42" or bigger) to pay the difference in price...

I'm thinking about take a 42" LG with HDD (called Time Machine here in Brazil, don't know if it have the same name where you live) when moving next year, but I really don't need it (and don't know if this one is 1080p), the size and quality of my atual HDTV is good enough in games by now...

Tsalagi4017d ago

This was very helpful considering my HDTV had a little "accident" today and i'm in the market for a new one.

PMR_214017d ago

ballin with a 15 inch lcd Sharp edtv..I know you guys are jealous lol

xsteinbachx4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

32 panasonic

edit: awww.. mine came 8th.

Tsalagi4017d ago

I was looking at one of those earlier. How does the 360/PS3 look on it?

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The story is too old to be commented.