GR: Sonic Generations: Hands on 3DS and PS3 preview plus exclusive gameplay videos

GR: You probably played the Sonic Generations demo and think you know exactly how good the game's going to be. Well, forget it - that demo is old. The game has taken visible strides forward and a fresh hands-on with a near complete version shows that there's way more to the game than initial impressions suggested. Bucketloads of fan-pleasing content and the slickest 3D Sonic platforming since... Sonic Jam. Yes, from 1998. We've also got hands-on impressions of a dramatically improved 3DS version too, so there's loads to tell you about. Take a seat - oh, but mind the spikes.

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TopDudeMan2420d ago

This looks good. My only complaint is that it's still a re-hash. I want great gameplay, but I also want new levels/areas/bosses. Can sega not make a good sonic game without remaking all the old ones?

SilentNegotiator2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

SEGA's interpretation of your comment:
"What's that? You want to play Green Hill Zone again? You got it!"


I totally agree. Sonic has seen too much recycling whenever they go with the traditional gameplay.