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The following spiritual Demon's Souls is back in a dark fantasy universe with intense battles and terrifying!
Dark Souls has come .. Are you ready to die?

PlayStation 3 version tested.

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Tanir2541d ago

damn school.....i wish i could play 2day!!!!! played for like 2 hours yesterday! loved it!......lost 3800 souls -_- but loved it!

Getowned2541d ago

My copy comes tomorrow :D..I have been waiting to play sense it came out :P but it's a long weekend where I live so it will be great!

I am ready to die...figuratively speaking.

Tanir2541d ago

hope u enjoy it!!!!! hint......dont go to the forest lol unless u wanna lose 3800 souls like i did!!! :P

MagicAccent2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I finally got my copy a few hours ago, see you in game!