DESTRUCTOID Forza Motorsport 4 Review

"When Forza Motorsport 3 came out, it left every competitor in the dust with its polished control, a massive automobile collection, deep customization options and new levels of accessibility. I called it the "new king of racers" in my review, and I meant it. Up until last week, some two years later, I still played Forza 3 just about every week." - DESTRUCTOID

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JellyJelly2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Looks like the king keeps its crown. Anyone surprised?

Only one more week until release...

@lookintomyeyes - The only ones who think GT5 is better are deluded PS3 fanboys. Unlike you, the reviewers giving Forza 4 perfect scores and saying it's the best driving simulator ever made have played both games.

PirateThom2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

They also said the same about Forza 3, but it wasn't true then either. In fact, it was a worse game than Forza 2 in terms of sinulation.

_DarkCharizard_2542d ago

Forza = The new king of racers!

(Mario Kart 7 incoming.............)

SephirothX212541d ago

You can't deny that Forza 3 got brilliant reviews and now Forza 4 is getting high scores as well. Turn 10 may be arrogant but they're great developers that put out great game after great game.

TyrionL2541d ago

@ SephirothX21
You know what they say, "It anit bragging motherf#$ker if you back it up."

EVILDEAD3602541d ago

Is that you got Pirate Thom? Forza 2 was better than Forza 3? LMAO..

It's a shame that Turn 10's brilliant accomplishment in this genre is eating the usual suspects alive. They will say ANYTHING at this point to hate on the game simply because it's on the 360..yawn..

On topic..

Another huge review for a franchise that's finally getting it's just do after the immense work that this team has put in. Hope they continue to get some retail love as well.


PirateThom2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Ha, what?

I actually really like Forza 2. It wasn't perfect, but the actual driving was superb and it was a really good first next gen entry, I expected Forza 3 to improve on it and was let down. That was the game they should have built off, it's not my fault they changed proper physics for every car on ice physics and continued the "simulator" approach.

If Forza 4 is more like Forza 2 over 3, it wouldn't be a bad thing and, if you disagree, you simply must prefer arcade racers.

EVILDEAD3602541d ago

If Forza 4 is more like Forza 2 over 3, it wouldn't be a bad thing and, if you disagree, you simply must prefer arcade racers.

I love arcade racers, but I've loved and owned EVERY iterataion of GT since day one.

What Forza 3 did was not only buy a great simulation, but made the game acceicble to the millions that find the difficulty level too high to enjoy sim racers. We had a blast letting friends who normally hate driving games just play with the wheel with the assists on. They were hooked at the experience.

Just remove the assists and the game clearly was still miles about Forza 2 in so many ways.

You can say YOU were disapointed by the game, but as far as for millions of fans and the lot of the critics, Forza 3 was far from a dissapointment for all the critics who lauded Turn 10's amazing work on the franchise.

Again, it's great to see that F4 is getting the accolades that it deserves as well, whether some admit it or not.

PirateThom2541d ago

I was disappointed but I am glad other people enjoyed it, that's not to say I didn't spend a lot of time playing it... it's one of the few 360 games I would never trade, just because I thought I would regret it as soon as I did.

Please, don't get me wrong here, I think Forza is well deserving of the scores it gets and the more competition the genre has the better off every one will be because, let's face it, there's not a lot out there in terms of simulation racers on consoles... it's pretty much GT, Forza and F1 at the moment.

I really didn't mean for any of my comments to come off as downplaying Forza, more to point out that I think there's room for improvement and that a past iteration was better than a later iteration.

EVILDEAD3602541d ago

I really didn't mean for any of my comments to come off as downplaying Forza, more to point out that I think there's room for improvement and that a past iteration was better than a later iteration

Understandable and I also agree that there is always room for improvemement (as you can say with any game), but WOW do these guys live up to the task in the two years that have followed each iteration.

I liked Forza 2, but I thought the graphics needd an overhaul. I never in a million years thought that they could pull off the leap they pulled off with Forza 3 in the two years that followed. Now it's evident that 4 is the same kind of leap overall. The simulation field as narrow, but that's because it's a tough field to crack in terms of sales. GT is still the grandfather, but IMO it's great to see how F1, Shift, and course Forza are continually push the genre.

But, lets face it, this will be the pinnacle until next gen in a couple of years.

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NoOoB1012541d ago

I prefer gt5 to forza..does that make me a ps3 fanboy??
I cant stand the driving in forza. I played f3 and tried f4 demo..every corner i took felt like i was in a drifting game. And btw Jelly..if u didn't know..most people don't go by reviews anymore. Also a lot of people prefer Gt5 to forza including professional racers. I think that says a lot more about the games physics than these reviews do.

The one thing i like about forza though is the customization. Its something i wished gt5 did better =/

KingPin2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

"....the reviewers giving Forza 4 perfect scores and saying it's the best driving simulator ever made have played both games. "

lmao- please tell me you joking.

reviewers played GT5 till they got to level 3 and then rated it. 80% of the reason they scored it low was coz damage was not good. something which was later dis-proven all over the internet.

but yeah, you keep saying you own the best racing sim.

EDIT: going by review scores, GTA4 must be the bestestestestest open world game EVVVEEERRSSS!!! lmao

NoOoB1012541d ago

haha that's true. I forgot about that.
I don't go by reviews anymore though. If i did i wouldn't have played half the games i did. Forza 4 damage model isn't exactly good either but none of the reviews mention that.

SephirothX212541d ago

I love GT5 but I believe GTA IV is the best game this gen. I know many people don't but imo, no other game this gen besides Oblivion, Fallout 3, Bioshock, ME2, Uncharted 2 and MGS4, hold a candle to GTA IV.

humbleopinion2541d ago

the "dis-proven all over the internet" was simply a bunch of trads mistranslating what Yamauchi has said:

"Sony has debunked claims that damage in Gran Turismo 5 is unlocked, telling IGN that the feature "occurs right from the beginning."

Yes. Back in 2008, GTA4 was the best open world game. What's your point?

Number_132541d ago

So reviews don't mean jack when it comes to Forza because GT5 scored less but sold more. But somehow reviews are everything when it comes to uncharted 2?

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KingPin2541d ago

Nope, GT5 has been around for a while now :P

bennyace2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

C'mon, GT5 has the lowest average of all GT games!!! It's far from being king of anything. GT3 was when it came out. Poly realy needs to step up their game next time around!

doublebass22541d ago

let the doubters do what they are capable of.Doubt with out trying the game..played a demo or the previous title for a while and they suddenly come up with verified only by them opinion..If you dont have an extented period(like most reviewers do)of playing the game,you should be carefull what u say,cause the reviews will make you a doubt with a stupid cause!At least i have nt played the game and cant verify if it is indeed the perfect game..I know i adored Forza 3,I liked gt5 (with its many flaws),and now ready to welcome what is called best racing sim game on 14/10. At least i will play it and come to a conclusion,i hope the rest do before talking trash just because they can!
mental note..if most reviews present a game that is indeed good and have best things to say about it,on either platform,then something is going ok with that game..Not every one is paid,or biased u know..some games really worth playing especially when they dont get mixed reviews(like another racing game we know,even from fans)...Everyone will do himself a favour if it only tried the game.

KingPin2541d ago

this is N4G!! you arent allowed to be logical here.

A reviewers score is the final word. whether the reviewer at the time is a fanboy or not and it doesnt matter if he played the whole game, half the game or just the first 2% of it, his score is final and thats that. you cant argue or make your own mind up for yourself.

Nevermind that NA is xbox-land and a lot of reviews come from there. all xbox exclusives <both of them> are the bestest games ever created.

PS3 gamers need to buy an xbox or STFU or vice-versa depending on the game being reviewed.

morganfell2541d ago

How much of the game do you have to play to judge it? By my terms you should play it all. But what you are writing about is exactly what Thom stated above, and a fact that reviewers admitted.

Basically you are piling on people for doing to Forza4 what you seem to think was okay with GT5...only playing part of the game before making up their mind.

doublebass22541d ago

Are u serious mate?Did you had the oppurtunity to change aspcects like tyre pressure,supspension height,aero and brake distribution,in the demo to see how the car behaves?And i am not even scratching the modification ,in engine ,tyre, weight and engine swapping to get a clue how the car behaves then..
And you think you played it all if you just sit for one hour and just buy cars and race a few tracks?these reviews for games like gt5 and forza take months at least to say that u ve played through the game..Most reviews scratch the surface,especially in these type of games!!
And if you have to know,there is a saying here in greece:go to ten doctors get 10 opinions..Meaning you should probably go to the one that know the better of em all..I see reviews mostly sceptical about this or any game,especially when they are mixed up in terms of rating!
But If you want my opinion,go to the best there is..Inside Sim racing,they tried both game(forza 3 and Gt5,)drove many miles,went to a lot of percentage,and have been playing sim racing games since before most of us were even a thought in the mind of our fathers!!
They have a better opinion from you and me,period!!

plmkoh2541d ago

What are you on about, morganfell said exactly what you tried to rebut him with when you mentioned Inside Sim Racing, that you must drive miles on end to really get to know the game. How else do you experience the " modification ,in engine ,tyre, weight and engine swapping to get a clue how the car behaves"?

If anything all you did was concur with his comment.

Drekken2541d ago

If you want to try to get a point across in an intelligent manner, try not typing like a 5 year old. Seriously, how hard is it to use the space bar and capitalize?

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