RAGE PC - New AMD and Nvidia Drivers Coming These Days

DSOGaming writes: "iD Software's Todd Hollenshead has tweeted that a new set of AMD drivers are on the works and that might get released today or tomorrow. Moreover, Todd has tweeted that Nvidia is also preparing a new set of drivers that will be released in the following days."

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gamernova2420d ago

Why are games always so glitchy now a days? It's like they literally throw it all together and then try it out on release day. Then they go like whoops and make us wait to fix their errors >.>

SantistaUSA2420d ago

Well games are so more complex these days, most of time frame is unrealistic, so depending how many people are working to make the game, it will be buggy!

I'm disappointed with Rage for PC, it does look pretty, but they barely have any options for graphics settings, no vsync option makes the game get tons of tearing!

gamernova2420d ago

Yeah but fortuantely they are releasing a patch to give us more graphical options. Apparently they are surprised at our disappointment in regards to that...noobs lol

koehler832420d ago

Because every game gets its own specific set of drivers which messes with the drivers that every other game is developed using.

By the time a PC game goes gold to the time it ships, both nVidia and AMD update their graphics drivers at least once, but usually more.

gamernova2420d ago

You would think they would come up with some consensus before release date in order to make everything smoother on the consumers but I guess not :/

LightofDarkness2419d ago

Unfortunately John Carmack is the kind of dev who has a very special relationship with Nvidia and ATI. If he wants a feature in the drivers for his game, it will be there, and if it breaks compatibility with someone else's game, they'll just have to cross that bridge when they come to it.

evrfighter2419d ago

Except if that game is battlefield3. I doubt nvidia or amd would risk blowing up bf3 for a carmack game. people are going to be updating hardware by the masses to play it. The last thing they'd want is a rep for poor optimization running bf3

AllroundGamer2420d ago

because the world is going to $hit, just watch the latest south park episode and you understand :)

poo3429472947922420d ago

Config files found in the Steam forums make this game run fine now and look better by fixing the vsync and forcing in the higher res textues, all we need now for drivers is for Rage to use SLI my 2nd 580 is lonely lol.

bumnut2420d ago

It works fine for me, I had to force vsync but I don't get the texture loading problems. Looks good too, but some more graphics options would be nice.

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Toman852419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Have some slight texture popins when I move the mouse quickly around and normal around.
But not a big deal. Hope this will get fixed!
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