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IncGamers: It begins with an intro narrated by Jeremy Clarkson. It continues through tuning, car clubs, photography, rivalries and the car-porn of ‘Autovista’. It’s Forza Motorsport 4. It’s a car lover’s dream.

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iamironman2360d ago

Gran turismo 5 2.0 update still sounding good to anyone?

IRetrouk2360d ago

yep, will enjoy both games, good score , games gonna be addictive.

JellyJelly2360d ago

If you can't get the best you have to stick with an update for something that has played the same since 1998.

IRetrouk2360d ago

dont know what you were playing but gt5 is diffrent to the old gts, new physics for a start, no need for trolling, both games can be enjoyed.

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