Forza Motorsport 4 Review (Strategy Informer)

From "I have a confession to make. This wasn't the easiest review I've ever written. There are two reasons for that: I feel like I've already reviewed Forza Motorsport 4 back when it was called 'Forza 3'. Secondly after a week of intense play, my hands have become unwieldy claws suited only to gripping a controller, which has made typing more difficult than usual."

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JellyJelly2544d ago

"Tearing up Fujimi Kaido in a Toyota Supra, a blistering all-Ferrari race in the Alps, a duel escalating into a three-way battle at Hockenheimring, watching a pressured rival skid off into the gravel as you cruise to victory."

Sounds delicious!

2544d ago