Xboxer360 - Review: Forza Motorsport 4

Richard Berry of Xboxer360 writes "The world of Forza Motorsport - there's no clever storyline, no rise to fame through a faceless character, just you, few hundred cars and the open road. This is more than a game, it's an experience and one than can be tailored to any play style and level of skill. The latest game in the hugely successful franchise finally sees the addition of Top Gear, which includes the iconic Top Gear test track and commentary by the man himself, Jeremy Clarkson – I am however still yet to bump into The Stig in-game though!”

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Trophywhore2504d ago

Good scores so far. Cant deny that...

James Vanderbeek2504d ago

I bet most of you people dont even like racing sims.. haha. anyway kudos to forza 4. ill have to try it out and see if its the best racing sim. gt5 is pretty damn awesome. it got bashed for a lot of little crap. Worse reviewed game i have ever seen done.