This is what the Battlefield 3 Beta Looks Like In Real Life

It’s no secret that the Battlefield 3 beta has some hilarious bugs and glitches, but what would those look like if they happened in real life?

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Kreyg2239d ago

yepp, this pretty much sums it up

deadpoole2239d ago

For some bizarre reason .. this really freaks me out ... scary as hell.

Shanks2239d ago

It's the girraffe perk.

DaTruth2238d ago

This would be perfect if at the end he fell through the ground!

egidem2239d ago

I find this very eerie. Imagine walking around the corner of the room and seeing this guy doing this in the living room...terrifying.

Fil1012239d ago

lol i still love the beta though and cannot wait for the full game

Trunkz Jr2239d ago

Best bug ever that morphs the body lmao!

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BlackjackCF2239d ago

If only real life could be this exciting...

a_bro2239d ago

this is the most disturbing video i've ever seen...

Bolts2239d ago

Creepy as hell. Seriously, WTF.

reddeadite2239d ago

Looks like nope.avi

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The story is too old to be commented.