Gamespot: NBA 2K12 Review

NBA 2K12 isn't hugely different from last year's version, but enough additions have been included to make it exciting for fans hungering for some hardwood hoops. More vintage players, small gameplay tweaks, and the same great presentation you expect make this the best NBA game around. Plus, Association mode can now be played offline and online, which gives you even more freedom in designing your dynasty. Like Michael Jordan during his playing days, if NBA 2K12 had simply rested on its laurels, it would still be the best out there. But the truly great know the offseason is the time to make enough improvements that further distance them from the competition.

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DaThreats2420d ago

Score should be higher based from their review
Journalism like usual-inconsistent

littletad2420d ago

Well whens the last time Gamespot has been in the spotlight? I'm guessing it's review to obtain hits. More or less.