Battlefield 3 Beta Signals Defeat For Modern Warfare 3 "Though just a small slice of the pie to come, the Battlefield 3 public beta may signal the defeat of its one and only rival, Modern Warfare 3. Remember that despite all the reported bugs and fixes that's still ongoing, Battlefield 3 comes packing with its own story and co-op campaign to complement the meaty online multiplayer mode. Battlefield has always been about online. It's not so much the story it's trying to tell as it is capturing that feeling of team play in a massive battlefield, that feeling of contributing to the bigger picture despite being only a small squad of troopers. The beta does admittedly have more bugs and issues than I can appreciate, but when it works, it works beautifully. After all, it's only a beta and what's a beta if not for ironing out these niggling issues?"

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Godchild10202482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I didn't need the beta to tell me that COD has been defeated. Even though COD will never be defeated because there will also be people that will buy a COD game.

Rage, Batman, BF3, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed, Saint's Row, Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls 5, Metal Gear Solid HD collection, etc.... are all my COD killers.

mephman2482d ago

I wouldn't say it will never be defeated. They managed to kill Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero just fine.

Winter47th2480d ago

I ain't lying, the truth is that BF3's beta made me go ahead and pre-order MW3.

Heartnet2480d ago

@winter... i can see why :)

hiredhelp2480d ago

I understand DICE was wrong putting out that beta they could of tryed bit harder.
But you surely gota see it was a beta dude not a demo.

Hagaf222481d ago

I watched some MW3 videos last night, and honestly it looks stale. BF's beta isnt perfect but atleast its a welcome breathe of fresh air from the same ol COD.

Heartnet2480d ago

yeh but atleast with cod u know what ur getting which truth be told although itll be glitchy the shooting mechanics and gameplay are all solid... whilst agreeing CoD has gone stale it is still a solid shooter and if past versions of the franchise are anything to go by its better than BF3.. especially the beta lol

Mikeyy2479d ago

A breath of fresh air? what? I spawn, get killed from behind. There are snipers everywhere outside. The Mobile Spawnpoint can be camped.. Beta issues? ORLY?

I wasnt impressed at all with BF3.

At this point its been downgraded to a $40 bargain buy. Skyrim and MW3 get my money right now.

EA would be smart to do a proper Online Multiplayer Demo at release to try and win some people back. As of right now BF3 lost a lot of hype.


No one game can kill another game. Stop being so stupid.Cod has a fanbase. Y do u want the game to die just because u don't like it. Others like it so let them enjoy thére games. God u people r so immature like a kid in a candy shop.

Godchild10202480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

You replied to me, but I'm unsure if your comment was directed at me?

As you said, "No one game will kill another" and that is why I listed a good amount that made me pass up on paying 60 dollars for MW3. Also, that is why I said that COD will never be defeated, because there will always be people to buy it.

Also I never said I didn't like it, I can't like or dislike something I didn't play yet. I will only be renting COD for the story and nothing else, I don't like the online (You can't say the online has changed) and I'm not going to play 60 dollars just to play half the game.

fozzness2482d ago

Good read! Great points about the popularity/word of mouth. Doesn't even seem like Activision are trying to promote anything interesting about MW3... sigh...

raWfodog2480d ago

They don't have to. The onus is on BF3 to show and prove (especially after the beta). True, BF3 is a beast on the PC but I believe MW3 will still rule over the consoles. The console 'beta' left a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouth. The final product will need to go a long way to erase that.

KonGreat2480d ago

In my opinion I would never get BF3 on my xbox because I am literally paying more for a game and I receive less of a BF experience than if I would get it on the PC.
Although CoD has split screen, best thing the console has. Although I won't get MW3, I might aswell continue with my black ops (nazi zombies ftw) or get a second hand MW2.

leogets2480d ago

people that cancel pre orders after the beta are pritty foolish truth be told. They dont realise what a beta is most of em.they think its final product demonstration where people with some common sence and followed bf3 properly be it news ect they should realise its a beta for server testing only.hence why the squad system isnt activated cos DICE want players where they want them instead of having the choice. Well i guess when final game is released they will be missing out for being so shallow minded cos that game is going to look incredible on console.gameplay wise well dont need to mention that as DICE always deliver perfect mp experiances.

0neShot2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

No, this one is coz it will scare the crap out in all COD gamers.

Yangus2480d ago

I play BF3 beta,its crap.
I think final version very cool.

But i like MW series,and buy MW3.

_LarZen_2480d ago

COD and BF3 cant even be compared, two diffrent games. When I want fast infantry combat COD is best, when I want big open battlefields BF3 is the clear choice.

Dont understand why some morons have to go comparing the two and pick a "winner"'s just stupid and shows lack of IQ.

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